10 Family Zoom Activities This Holiday Season!

In case you haven’t heard or you forgot, Zoom is lifting its 40-minute time limit this Thursday.  So even with a free account, you can hang out with your family for as long as you want on Thanksgiving.

Almost two-thirds of people now say most or all of their family holiday celebrations will be virtual, according to a new survey.  And here are the top 10 family activities they’re planning on doing over Zoom . . .

1.  Lighting candles.

2.  Online shopping for gifts.

3.  Unwrapping gifts.

4.  Participating in a religious or cultural event or celebration.

5.  Singing Christmas carols.

6.  Having a holiday meal together other than Thanksgiving.

7.  Eating Thanksgiving dinner.

8.  Toasting the New Year.

9.  Wishing people a happy holiday.

10.  Talking or just catching up.