Monday, November 2nd, 2020 is radio’s 100th birthday!!
Your local FOREVER MEDIA radio stations are celebrating! FROGGY 981, WALY 103.9, ROCKY 1049, HOT 100.1, 1290 WFBG AND 1430 WTNA!  100 years ago, radio signed on, and became the soundtrack of our lives…we’ve walked through life together, laughed, cried…we bring you the news, play the sad songs when your heart aches, and the happy songs when you’re feeling good. The first radio station signed on 100 years ago, just 100 miles away, in pittsburgh!  At FOREVER MEDIA, we take pride supporting our community for almost all of that 100 years! Our radio station 1290 WFBG signed on in 1924, and it’s one of the oldest stations in the country! Happy 100th birthday radio! And thank you for listening!