What’s the Moment When You Realized “Wow, I’m Old”?

We all had this happen at some point in our lives.  You were just having a normal day, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, then suddenly something happened that made you realize for the first time, “Wow.  I’m OLD.”

People on Reddit are sharing their “Wow, I’m old” moments right now.  Here are some of the best ones . . .

1.  “When I fell down at work and no one laughed, instead three people came running over to make sure I was okay.”

2.  “I found myself grunting and groaning to bend over to tie my shoes.”

3.  “When I went to a music festival and slept in a tent after five years of not doing so.  I needed to get home and take a real shower.”

4.  “When my son could outrun me.”

5.  “Instead of growing facial hair to look older, I’m shaving it to look younger.”

6.  “I had to explain to someone how we used to organize meeting up before cell phones.  It was like I was explaining how to split an atom.”