Metallica 6/25/20

Metallica‘s “Some Kind of Bracket,” which saw fans vote for the band’s greatest song ever, is now over. The winner is 1986’s “Master Of Puppets” from the album of the same name. The voting featured 32 pairs of songs clashing against each other and advancing in a total of five rounds, with “Master” triumphing over 1988’s “One.”

The original 64 tunes included in the bracket were selected based on the highest Spotify plays, multiplying them by how many times those tracks have been played live.

While Metallica was hesitant for a long time to allow single songs from its catalog to be downloaded, frontman James Hetfield told us a while back that the band eventually had to accept it: [“Yeah, I think the song-per-song vs. album is kind of a long lost battle, I think. You know, people in the fast-food world we live in want what they want, and want it now, and when they’re done with it, they’re done with it.”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . done with it.)

On its way to the final round, “Master Of Puppets” defeated “Dyers Eve,” “Atlas, Rise!”, “Ride the Lightning,” “Sad But True,” and “Fade to Black.” The band wrote about the classic song, “No wonder that thing is in the Library of Congress! Thanks for playing along with us!”

Story source: Ultimate-Guitar