Beach Boys 5/14/20

Are the Beach Boys reuniting next year for their 60th anniversary??? Well, depends on whom you ask. During a recent chat, Al Jardine revealed to Chicago Concert Reviews: “Oh, it will happen. We’ll probably do about 20 or 30 (shows) together next year.”

The co-founding members reunited for a massively successful 50th celebration back in 2012, which ended after Mike Love — who controls the license to the touring entity “The Beach Boys” — opted out of continuing with Jardine, his cousin Brian Wilson, and David Marks — in order to go back and tour in smaller venues and second-tier markets with his backing band and longtime Beach Boy Bruce Johnston.

When asked by Rolling Stone if a 60th anniversary jaunt is a possibility, the 79-year-old Love responded, “I’m not against anything like that. Anything that’s creative and done for positive reasons is good with me. We will continue thinking about stuff like that and see what we can do.”

Regarding, Jardine’s statements, Love added: “He and I have spoken, but not about that specifically. Al’s a really good singer, but he’s been traveling and performing with Brian Wilson, (and) Brian has some serious health issues. We are in a very fortunate and blessed position to be able to do music for a lifetime. It’s pretty amazing. I can remember when my cousin Brian was a young boy. He sang ‘Danny Boy’ sitting on my Grandma Wilson’s lap. So that’s how far back we go musically.”

Rolling Stone reached out to Brian Wilson’s manager, Jean Sievers, who told the magazine, quote, “No one has spoken to Brian about a 60th Anniversary tour.”

Back on July 30th, 2018, the surviving Beach Boys made their first appearance together since 2012 at Capitol Records’ legendary Studio A. The band was promoting its then-recent collection, The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with a Q&A with Rob Reiner.

Mike Love feels that he’s gotten a bad rap with how the Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary reunion tour played out. He explained to us that the tour was never designed to be a permanent reunion: [“It was always to be the 50th anniversary. And we started out with the agreement to do 50 shows in honor of the 50 years, but then, it expended into about 73, I believe. I’ve talked to various promoters over the years, obviously, and one of the most prominent ones in the Northeast came by and said, ‘Hey, this is really great — you guys sold out. It’d be good to have you back in a couple of years. The type of tour that was, with the amount of production and the amount of bandmembers onstage and everything, it’s just not the kind of thing you can continue on infinitum.”] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . continue on infinitum)


  • The Beach Boys‘ co-founders have all voiced an opinion on a 60th anniversary reunion tour between the surviving members.
  • Al Jardine claims up to 30 shows are being planned, Mike Love says he’s not against a reunion, and Brian Wilson‘s camp states they know nothing about any such plans.