Local News Headlines 5/12/20

Here are your TUESDAY morning 5/12 local headlines:

The State Department of Health is reporting 543 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday bringing the total to 57,154 and the total number of deaths stands at 3,731. The Number of confirmed cases in Blair County has risen by one to 29 with no deaths.

Governor Tom Wolf is calling county leaders trying to force their way to reopening, cowardly and is threatening to withhold funding.

Following Governor Tom Wolf’s threats to punish counties and businesses which reopen before the state says they can do so, the state Senate plans to re-run a bill which would allow counties to make that decision.

Local business in Bedford County will not face the wrath of local law enforcement if they open against orders.

A State lawmaker is calling for the ouster of Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary for her handling of the pandemic.

President Trump tweeted his support yesterday for Pennsylvania counties that want to open.

The State Education Secretary says he expects students back in class this fall.

Amtrak is expending its suspension of passenger rail service between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia until June 1st.

Two local women have been arrested and charged with robbing two other women yesterday in the East End.

The man who ambushed and killed a State Trooper 6 years ago is scheduled to be executed next month.

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