Will Russell Dickerson and His Wife Make a Baby on Valentine’s Day?

RUSSELL DICKERSON’s Love You Like I Used To was inspired by his wife, Kailey.  They’ve been married over six years and he says the song describes how their relationship has grown stronger.

“It’s about how love grows and how you’ve got to work for it.  It’s like, ‘I don’t love you like I used to . . . I love you more.  I love you more with every single kiss.'”

And if they do any of that kissing on Valentine’s Day, it’ll be in the comfort of their new house that they recently moved into.

“We love to stay in.  We love cooking dinner at home, especially now that we moved into our new house.  We just want to stay home and maybe cook a dinner.”

Someone reminded him about the “new house, new baby” thing, and he said they haven’t officially started yet.  However.  , “She comes from a big family of five older brothers and I have one sister, we may try to meet in the middle eventually.”