What’s the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Every State?

It’s good that heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are popular for Valentine’s Day.  Because the people making them probably have a hard time selling them the rest of the year.

CandyStore.com just released the results of a study that found the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in every state.  The results are based on 12 years of sales data, so they’re working with a serious sample size.

And heart-shaped boxes of chocolates won the most states overall, with 18 states and Washington D.C.

Conversation hearts came in second, winning 14 states.  But their popularity has gone off a cliff in the past few years.  Conversation hearts weren’t on sale last year, and this year’s have a printing error where a lot of them came out blank.

M&M’s in Valentine’s Day colors came in third, with eight states . . . Hershey’s Kisses won five states . . . chocolate hearts won three . . . and chocolate roses won two.

Candy necklaces also won one state . . . Alabama.