Relax, The Rascal Flatts Guys Have No Beef With Each Other

Ever since Yoko “broke up” The Beatles people assume there’s bad blood every time a band hangs it up.  JAY DEMARCUS has been dealing with that since RASCAL FLATTS announced their Farewell Tour last month.

He tells, “The biggest question I get asked on the socials is, ‘Was there a fight?’  [But] everybody still loves each other . . . everybody’s great.  [It’s] just, after 20 years of doing something, you need a little bit of a break.

He adds, “We all have families and things that we want to do, and it just felt like the timing was right.  We haven’t signed any contract that says we’ll never make any more music together, so everybody still loves each other.”

While we’re on the subject.  Remember that former mobster who scammed Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith in their restaurant projects?  His name is Frank Capri and he just got indicted on federal fraud charges.  Now you know.