There’s a One in Four Chance You’re Having a Bad Hair Day

How often would you say you have a “bad hair day”?  Well, according to this, there’s a 25% chance you’re experiencing one right now . . .

The average American has 96 bad hair days a year, according to a new poll.  That’s about one every four days.

Apparently a lot of us really do find bad hair days crippling.  80% said they’ve had to stay inside at least once before, because their hair looked so bad.  And a third of us have used a sick day.

Here are the top five things that can cause a bad hair day . . .

1.  Your hair just looks thin or lifeless in general.

2.  There’s a weird cowlick.

3.  You slept on it funny.

4.  You notice some hair loss, and it rocks your self-esteem.

5.  You put too much product in it.

The survey also looked at our top strategies for making it through a bad hair day.  The top five are:  Wear a hat . . . put your hair in braids . . . use extensions or a hair piece . . . throw some dry shampoo in it . . . and AVOID washing it.