Here Are the 10 Things We Feel Confident Cooking Without a Recipe . . . and They’re Not Exactly Gourmet Dishes

Can you cook anything without a recipe? And I do mean ANYTHING, no matter how basic, based on the answers that other people gave.

A new survey asked people what they can cook without a recipe, and it’s clear that most of us aren’t anywhere CLOSE to being gourmet chefs. Check ’em out . . .

1. Eggs over easy. 49% of people said they could make it without a recipe.

2. Scrambled eggs, 46%. Which means the majority of us can’t make scrambled eggs.

3. Hard boiled eggs, 44%.

4. Poached eggs, 44%. Yes, the first four really ARE just basic eggs.

5. French toast, 41%.

6. Soup, 36%.

7. Grilled cheese, 36%.

8. Pasta, 36%.

9. Rice, 36%.

10. Salad, 36%.

In 11th place? Toast, with 34%.