Jason Aldean’s New Backyard Will Look Like a Corona Commercial

Last summer we heard about the concrete safe room going into JASON ALDEAN’s new house.  It’s the forever home in Tennessee that he and Brittany have been building for two years.  They’re planning to move in this May.

In the meantime they posted another update and there’s a lot to see, but let’s start with the “touch of Florida” in the back yard.

Jason says”We want [it] to look like a Corona commercial.  We got big palm trees, we’ve got tiki bars, a pool . . .  it’s going to be stocked.  We can probably film one of these Corona commercials in our backyard once it’s all fixed up.”

Here are a few other fun touches.  There’s a bowling alley, gym, champagne bar, wine room, and Jason’s personal cedar man room.  There are mother-in-law suites, a bunk room, a two-story walk-in closet, and a kitchen with an island that seats 11.