Cody Johnson Made the Girls Scream When He Was in High School

I love hearing country stars talk about the early days.  Especially if they can remember the exact moment they decided to go all-in on music.  CODY JOHNSON says that happened during his very first live performance.

“It was at my high school talent show during freshman year.  I played Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, and when I got to the line about ‘sometimes late at night, I lie awake and watch her sleeping’ . . . the girls all went crazy.

“I thought to myself, ‘I think I want to make music.  I’m making girls scream, so I want to make country music.'”  The key phrase there is “make country music.”  It doesn’t matter what the trends are, he’s staying in his lane.

“I’ve had those conversations, like, ‘Would you consider taking your cowboy hat off’ or ‘The real country thing’s not working in radio right now, but this is.’

“And I was always like, ‘But that’s not me.’  To be honest, I never cared about getting rich and famous.  All I ever wanted to do is play music I believe in.”