You Might Get the Flu Twice This Year

The only good part about getting the flu is you build up antibodies, so you won’t get it again anytime soon. Or at least that’s USUALLY the case . . .

According to a new report, we’re in the middle of what’s called a “double-barrel flu season.” And you’re much more likely to get the flu TWICE this year.

There are two different general strains of influenza, type A and type B. And both are circulating this year.

Type A is the more common one we see every winter. But there’s also been a huge spike in Type B cases, which hasn’t happened in almost 30 years.

Even though both types cause the same symptoms, the antibodies for one don’t really protect you from the other. And we’re only about halfway through flu season.

So there’s a chance a lot of people who’ve already had the flu will get it again in the next couple months. I sure as heck hope not! I already had it this year!