The Most Common Winter-Related Injuries

We’ve still got two months till spring. So if you haven’t had any winter-related INJURIES yet, there’s still time to do something dumb . . .

71% of us have experienced a winter-related injury before, according to a recent study. And slips and falls are the #1 cause.

They’re followed by cooking-related injuries . . . hurting yourself while decorating, or taking decorations down . . . and injuries from shoveling snow.

Shoveling is also the #1 winter-related thing that causes aches and pains for Americans.

The top four things that make us ache this time of year are shoveling . . . sitting too long in a car or on a plane . . . cooking-related injuries . . . and dealing with decorations.

25% of us have had a winter-related back injury before . . . 21% have had neck pain . . . and 18% have dealt with achy knees.