Lady Antebellum Is Bringing Jake Owen and Maddie & Tae on Tour and Jake’s Broken Wrist Will Be Healed by Then

The big news is that LADY ANTEBELLUM announced their Ocean 2020 Tour.  It kicks off May 21st in Albuquerque, New Mexico . . .with JAKE OWEN and MADDIE & TAE opening the shows.

Lady A likes to have all the acts perform one song together each night.  So, they met-up at Santa’s Pub in Nashville, and had everybody pitch what song they’d like it to be . . . by singing it karaoke style.

Meanwhile, Jake Owen posted a video Friday on Instagram of the cast on his left arm.  He broke his wrist trying to teach his daughter Pearl what NOT to do on a skateboard.  He promises he’ll heal faster than what the doctors have predicted.

And this is cute:  A few days before the broken wrist happened, Jake posted a video of himself and Pearl in a makeshift studio freestyling a song about “not bullying.”