The 10 Most Unforgettable Country Music Moments of the 2010s

The Boot listed the “10 Most Unforgettable Country Music Moments of the 2010s.”  Sadly, the Route 91 tragedy was #1.  It had to be.  On the bright side, GARTH BROOKS returned, and CHRIS STAPLETON got discovered.  Here’s the list:

1.  The Route 91 Massacre in 2017.  Final count:  59 people died and over 800 were injured.  If you can find it in your heart, is a good place to start.

2.  Tomatogate in 2015.  If you’re not familiar.  A consultant tried to explain the lack of female country artists on the charts by saying they’re the tomato in the salad, while males are the lettuce.  (???)  At the very least, it ignited an important conversation.

3.  Randy Travis Gets Arrested, Suffers a Stroke, Continues to Recover.  Randy had big troubles in 2012 when he was arrested twice for alcohol-related incidents.  The next year he had a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.  His recovery continues.

4.  Taylor Swift Leaves Country Music in 2014.  Our loss is pop music’s gain, right?

5.  Troy Gentry Dies in a Helicopter Crash.  It was in September of 2017 when he accepted that helicopter ride.  If only he would’ve declined.

6. Joey Feek of Joey + Rory Valiantly – and Publicly – Battles Stage IV Cancer.  She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014.  She died two years later at the age of 40.

7.  Garth Brooks Returns.  He retired in 2000 to raise his two daughters, and although he popped up here and there, he kept his word.  In 2014, he was back.

8.  George Strait “Rides Away” From the Road in 2012.  “Cowboy Rides Away” was his farewell tour, but he’s still recording music and performing when it pleases him.

9.  Glen Campbell Fights Alzheimer’s Disease.  He was already battling the disease when he went public in 2011.  The Rhinestone Cowboy left us two years ago.

10.  Chris Stapleton’s 2015 CMA Awards Night Catapults Him into Superstardom.  Hopefully you were watching that night when he went from hard-working country singer to “Why is this guy not a superstar?”  The good news?  He is now.