Local News Headlines 12/19/19

Here’s your THURSDAY morning 12/19 local headlines:

Local Congressman Dr. John Joyce spoke and voted against the impeachment articles against the President yesterday.

CNN is in Blair County to gauge how voters feel about the impeachment of the President.

A Blair County judge has denied a challenge to the case against an accused murderer.

A bill that seeks to keep inmates who have committed violent offenses while in prison, behind bars longer have been approves in the State Senate.

The State Supreme Court yesterday refused to resume cash welfare assistance while litigation over the law continues.

A bill designed to break down barriers to employment for people with criminal records seeking occupational licenses has been approved by the state House.

Members of the State House GOP to the first step for a Constitutional amendment to elect judges from districts rather than statewide.

The State Game Commission has announced the placement of a new eagle cam.

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