Kip Moore Hints That An Ear Problem Could Cut Short His Career

KIP MOORE must have been in a reflective mood on Sunday because he wrote a very long post on Instagram that covered tons of stuff . . . from his early career struggles to his current state of mind, which is pretty good.

But he also opened up about a lifelong health issue.  He wrote, “I’ve struggled with ear problems my whole life.  Lots of surgeries as a kid and it’s a problem I deal with nightly that’s always changing.”

He left that topic and shifted to the career stuff, and then thanked his team, his friends and fans.  Then he came back to it at the very end.

“I appreciate you all because I know what this thing takes, and because I know my time is most likely ticking faster due to something out of my control with my ears.  I love you all.  Cheers to 2019.”

We know Kip has battled depression, he even touched on it in Sunday’s post.  But when he says his “time is ticking faster” because of something out of his control.  That sounds to me like he thinks the ear problems might cut his career short.