Luke Bryan Scares His Mom During a “12 Days of Pranksmas” Stunt

LUKE BRYAN and his wife Caroline are doing another “12 Days of Pranksmas” . . . and it looks like anyone can be a victim, including Luke’s mom, Le Claire.  They did one on Friday that put a serious scare into her.

It starts Luke and his mom on a golf course, and suddenly a random woman, who could be a stalker, starts running at him asking for a hug.  He tells his mom “that’s that woman” and he takes off . . . but the woman catches up and tackles him.

Luke’s mom motions for security, then she tosses her cigarette aside and jumps into the fray, trying to save her boy.  That’s when Caroline comes out of nowhere and pretends to mix it up with the woman.

When things finally settle down Luke says, “Momma, twelve days of Pranksmas.”  But she doesn’t take it well.  She falls to the grass like she’s going to pass out and says, “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”