Dustin Lynch Met His Girlfriend by Sliding Into Her DMs

DUSTIN LYNCH was talking about how he met his girlfriend.  Yes, the very lovely lady he took to the CMAs.  Her name is KELLI SEYMOUR, she’s a model from California . . . and HE’s the one who made the first move.

He says “I slid into her DMs on Instagram.”  It worked because they started texting and video-chatting.  The next step happened when she went to one of his shows in California.  Even then he was still testing the waters.

“If she would’ve ended up being a whack-job or a weirdo I could’ve been like:  ‘Have a nice night.  Enjoy the show.  Bye.'”  That clearly wasn’t the case.

“We ended up hitting it off and keeping in touch and seeing each other.  It’s been great.  We’re able to make it work and not be away from each other for too long.”

She even made his CMA experience better.  , “We had a blast, we really did.  Getting fancy and dressing up, for me, is rare . . . ‘course we go out hard for the carpet.  We had a lot of fun.”