Jason Aldean and His Crew Play Hoops at Local Gyms on the Road

How come I never run into famous people when I occasionally hit the gym?  In an interview with “Parade”JASON ALDEAN talked about what he does to stay in shape when he’s on tour, and going to the local gym is one of them.

“I work out a little bit.  I like to play sports and really enjoy things like playing basketball.  I can get on a treadmill and run for 10 minutes and then I’m over it.  But I can play basketball for three hours and it doesn’t feel like I’m working out.”

He adds,”Me and the band will go to a gym or a “Y” and just find a court and start playing.  And like I said, it just doesn’t feel like you’re working out when you’re having fun.”

He’s also trying to stay in shape by cutting down on the junk food, drinking more water, and he’s all-in on the supplements.

“I have these vitamin packs that I take every day.  It’s everything from vitamin C, to B vitamins and multivitamins.  It’s a pack of about 12 things that I take every day.  I’ve found that it [gives] me more energy out on the road.”