A Guy Uses a Stranger’s Porsche as a Battering Ram to Get His Nissan Out of Impound

This could almost be a commercial for how much people love their Nissans. Almost.

There’s a 20-year-old guy named Benjamin Gjere from Lanesboro, Minnesota. And last Wednesday, his 2019 Nissan Altima was impounded. And he couldn’t get it back until he paid the $300 towing bill.

So last Sunday, he went to the auto shop where it was being stored to get it back. He just needed a way to bust through the fence to get it out.

And his answer was . . . a 2012 PORSCHE that was parked right by his car in the lot and was unlocked with the keys inside.

So instead of just stealing the Porsche and calling it an upgrade on what he was driving, he used the Porsche as a BATTERING RAM to make a hole in the fence. Then he abandoned the Porsche and drove his Nissan safely through the hole.

It’s not clear how he THOUGHT this was going to turn out for him . . . but the cops quickly tracked him down and arrested him on several charges.