The Fallout from Carrie Underwood’s Entertainer of the Year Snub

As expected, people are angry at the CMAs for hyping the legacy of women, and then choosing GARTH BROOKS as Entertainer of the Year instead of CARRIE UNDERWOOD.  She was the only female nominated in the category.

It’s not so much a question of who should or shouldn’t win.  The issue is that the CMAs milked the “women angle” for months.  Then they stacked the show with female country singers and promoted the daylights out of it.

Everything they did led you to believe they were going to make amends for all the years of not giving female performers their due.  And boy are they due.  In the 53 years of the CMAs, only seven women have won the top award.

It’s also not a stretch to think the CMAs were expecting more women to tune in, because it was going to be their night.  Can you say, “ratings bump?”

The side effect of all this promotion created a groundswell of fans and artists talking about how it should be Carrie’s year.  Miranda Lambert did an interview where she ticked-off all the reasons, and then Carrie got emotional while listening to it.

And then . . . Wednesday happened . . . and the reaction was fast and furious.  The Boot grabbed social media posts from fans, and they weren’t happy.

One said Carrie was “robbed,” another called it “some major garbage.”  One person said it was a “huge disrespect” to Carrie AND all the female performers in the audience who must’ve been thinking if she can’t do it, how in the world can they? has posts from people calling it a “disgrace” and that the CMAs should be “ashamed of themselves.”

But the BEST is this one, which totally nails it.  , “Carrie Underwood needs to stop hosting an awards show that snubs her year after year after year.  She deserves more, and quite frankly, the association does NOT deserve her.”