Taylor Hawkins 11/13/19

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins recalled in a new interview with Classic Rock that he asked Queen drummer Roger Taylor for advice after getting a call to try out for Guns N’ Roses.

Hawkins was on tour with the Foos in support of the 1999 album There Is Nothing Left To Lose when his mom called to tell him that a member of Axl Rose‘s management team had gotten in touch. Hawkins recalled, “Axl was trying to get together a new version of Guns N’ Roses, and I think he was checking around for people. They wanted to know if I would come in and try out or whatever.”

Unsure what to do, Hawkins called Roger Taylor, who had a similar experience in the early 1970s when former members of Mott The Hoople tried to lure him away from the then-unknown Queen for a new band they were assembling.

But Taylor chose to stick with Queen, telling Hawkins that he “couldn’t imagine being onstage and looking up and not seeing Freddie Mercury or Brian May in front of him.” Hawkins continued, “(Taylor) said, ‘I see you and Dave (Grohl) onstage and there’s something you can’t buy there. There’s something between you guys that might not be there with Axl Rose.’ And he was right.”

Hawkins cites Taylor as a huge influence, and told us a while back how Queen itself has influenced Foo Fighters: [“Us as a band, I would probably say our live shows have just, like, tried to — you’ve got to play these huge places, and you kind of want to try and make a big place seem like a club, you know, that’s the idea. And so I think as a band, it was probably their live performances. But musically, Queen were so musically diverse, you know, and I think that we, we don’t want every song to sound the same on every album.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . on every album.)

Hawkins recently released a new LP with his band the Coattail Riders, called Get The Money, and confirmed that work was underway on a new Foo Fighters LP.

Story source: Ultimate Classic Rock


  • Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was once asked to audition for Guns N’ Roses around 20 years ago.
  • He wasn’t sure what to do and called Queen drummer Roger Taylor for advice.
  • Taylor told him to stick with Dave Grohl and the Foos, which Hawkins ended up doing.