Ozzy Has New Song 11/8/19

Ozzy Osbourne has released his first new song in nine years, titled “Under The Graveyard.” The track is the first single from his upcoming album, Ordinary Man, which is due out in early 2020. Ozzy said about the project, “This album was a gift from my higher power — it is proof to me that you should never give up.”

The Black Sabbath singer collaborated on the album with producer Andrew Watt, who recently oversaw the sessions for a new Post Malone song called “Take What You Want,” on which Ozzy contributed guest vocals. That led to Ozzy and Watt working together on Ozzy’s 12th solo LP and first since 2010’s Scream.

In addition to Watt on guitars, the LP features Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses on bass and Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums.

Ozzy told us a while back how he finds inspiration for song topics these days: [“Believe me, I’m not one of these guys that can write about boy-meets-girl. It’s got to mean something to me. I mean, I don’t write all the lyrics, but I have to say, ‘Well, you know, this an that, isn’t that strange that that happened when this happened,’ you know, and I’ll get going, you know.”] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . going, you know.)

Ozzy has spent the last few years touring with Sabbath in support of that band’s 13 LP, as well as playing a number of solo shows. But Ozzy scrapped all of his 2019 tour dates after dealing with a string of illnesses and surgeries that kept putting him in the hospital. The trek, which will resume in 2020, will be Ozzy’s last lengthy world tour.

Still recovering while making the album, Ozzy said about the project, “In the back of my mind I was going ‘I haven’t got the f**king strength…’ but Andrew pulled it out of me. I really hope people listen to it and enjoy it, because I put my heart and soul into this album.” Ozzy added that Ordinary Man “is quite possibly the most important album I have done in a very long time, probably since No More Tears.”

Story source: press release