Miranda Lambert Is a Proud Ally of Her Gay Brother

MIRANDA LAMBERT did an interview with Pride Source, where she talked about being a proud ally of her gay brother Luke Lambert.  They discussed the photos she posted last summer from the Pride parade in New York.

She was with her husband Brendan McLoughlin, and Luke was with his husband.  She did get Luke’s approval before sharing the pics, and it turned out to be the best thing.   “We both cried because it was such a big moment.

“I see now why it’s a big moment for other people.”  She added, quote, “I’m just glad that he was okay with that, and we could share that and be supportive of each other no matter what we’re doing or who we are.”

She was asked about the people who saw the pics and said they’d stop listening to her music.  Out came that famous feistiness.   “I feel like the people who commented negatively weren’t my followers.

“When people say ‘unfollow’ they weren’t following me to begin with.  Also, I don’t understand why people have time to get on social media and be negative.  I think they should get a hobby or a job, or both.  So I just don’t let those affect me.”

She says she’s been her brother’s ally since the moment he came out to her.   “I support him 100% in whatever he does.  He is a brilliant individual and the most amazing person, and just so genuine.”