Little Big Town on the Dynamics of Having a Married Couple in the Band

DAN RATHER sat down with LITTLE BIG TOWN on his AXS-TV show “The Big Interview” . . . and they talked about band dynamics.

He wanted to know if JIMI WESTBROOK and KAREN FAIRCHILD being married causes any “imbalances” in the group.  KIMBERLY SCHLAPMAN and PHILLIP SWEET both have outside relationships.

As you may know, Jimi and Karen didn’t become a couple until seven years after the band formed.  As it was happening Jimi said they had to step back and ask themselves if it was the right thing to do.

“There’s a lot of layers to that.  It was important for us to NOT make them feel like it was ever a couple against them.  You don’t want that dynamic to change.  The thing we figured out is that we still function in the band like we always have.”

Phillip said he saw the sparks fly back then, and actually encouraged it.  “I was happy.  I was like, ‘When happiness is there for you to go get.  You must seize the day.’  And that’s what I was like.  I was like, ‘Go get her.  Go get your girl.'”