The Top Five Things We Feel Pressure to Overspend on Around the Holidays

The average person would be happy if they could get away with only spending $400 on the holidays this year. But it might tick higher than that. Because more than half of us feel pressure to OVERSPEND.

56% of people in a new poll said they felt the need to overspend on stuff last year. Can you guess what the top thing we splurge on is? Here are the top five . . .

1. Gifts. 66% of people who felt pressure to overspend said presents were a culprit.

2. Food and drinks, 29%.

3. Travel, 18%. Like if you feel pressured to fly home for the holidays.

4. New clothes and outfits, 16%. For things like work parties and New Year’s.

5. Decorations, 14%.

Just over a third of people in the poll said their perfect holiday experience would include spending it at home with ONLY their immediate family.

And here’s some early holiday hum buggery: 26% of people said that having ZERO plans and obligations would be ideal.