Watch Kip Moore and His Sweaty Guns Do a Gym Workout

“Men’s Health” did a “Gym and Fridge” video with KIP MOORE.  It started with a workout, which featured free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, and even those gymnastic rings.  Turns out he’s also a solo act in the gym.

“I’ve never had a trainer.  I’ve always tried to figure out how my body responds the best . . . and I feel like I’ve learned my body through the years, and knowing what it needs, and I don’t like listening to anybody tell me how to work out.”

The “mind-body” thing came up, and I enjoyed his answer to that.  He said, quote “Keeping my mind healthy is a whole ‘nother animal.  I’ve always been a bit of a BASKET CASE.  [I] try to meditate, I try to pray.”

He added, “But I will say that [working out] keeps me from going crazy.  This is my sanity, getting here every day for about an hour-and-a-half and getting at it.”

They wanted to know about his most meaningful tattoo, and he was quick with that answer.  It’s on his upper right arm, and it’s Psalm 40, verses one and two.

“I read that verse every single night when I first moved to Nashville.  I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, and that was the one verse that gave me comfort.  I told myself that if I ever got a record deal, it would be the first thing that I got tattooed.”

When they finally got to his fridge, he pointed to the eggs that he eats every morning . . . plus his avocados, tomatoes, and all-natural almond butter.  He also made sure to let us know that he eats TWO lunches every single day.  (???)

And then it got real, when they showed his massive bag of M&Ms and asked if he ever eats “unhealthy.”  Quote, “If I’m gonna be really bad I’m going to eat that whole bag of M&Ms and then if I’m done with that, I get the old school fudge pops.”