Trace Adkins Married His Girlfriend on Saturday, and Blake Shelton Was the Officiant

TRACE ADKINS married his girlfriend, Canadian actress VICTORIA PRATT on Saturday in New Orleans . . . and the guy who officiated it was his buddy, BLAKE SHELTON.

Trace posted a photo of the happy moment.  Victoria is wearing a lovely white gown, while Trace is wearing a lovely black cowboy hat, along with boots, a black jacket, and jeans.  Blake’s standing between them, in front of a microphone.

This is Trace’s fourth marriage.  He and Victoria became an item back in 2014 while they were filming the movie “The Virginian”.  He was still married to his third wife at the time, and the tabloids had a field day with that breakup.

That’s probably why Trace didn’t make a big deal out of this wedding.  In fact, People reached out to his team trying to get more details, but no luck.