Miranda Lambert On Why Carrie Underwood Should Be CMA Entertainer of the Year

If the CMAs were politics, MIRANDA LAMBERT would be endorsing the candidacy of CARRIE UNDERWOOD.  She hit up Instagram with nice words on all of the Entertainer of the Year nominees, but her pick is Carrie.  Here’s what she said:

On Keith Urban:  “A friend and a hero of mine.  He took me on tour in 2005.  The first big tour I ever got to be part of.  He believed in me when I was a baby artist and I will be forever grateful.”

On Garth Brooks:  “‘In Pieces’ [was] my first cassette tape I bought with my own money from doing chores.  My first concert, [at] Texas stadium in 1993.  The beginning of a twinkle in my eye.  It was life changing.”

On Eric Church:  “One of the best songwriters of all time, in my opinion.  He turns a phrase like no other.  I’ve had the pleasure of writing with him and he is someone that will push [me to] say something in a different way.”

On Chris Stapleton:  “The kind of voice and songwriting that makes you want to quit . . . and work harder.  A sound that can’t be beat.  Period.”

After saying sincere stuff about the guys, she went with all the reasons Carrie should win.  There’s her kick-ass skill at organizing and headlining an all-female tour . . . of which Miranda says, “Ain’t for the faint of heart.”

And then she really poured it on.   “[Carrie] put out her first single in 2005 and from then on country music was changed for good.  That iconic voice has been classing up our stages, charts and televisions for a decade and a half.

“The Voice.  The legs.  The songs.  The brand.  The mom.  The wife.  The Okie.  The Jesus lover.  The blonde bombshell that is Carrie.  She blows me away every time I hear her sing.  She never wavers in who she is or what she stands for.

“She’s stayed true and pushed herself to be better.  If you’ve never heard her sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ do yourself a favor and listen.  So for the sake of sequins, Spanx, and spray tans, take it home!  You ‘Carrie’ the torch.  Entertainer of the Year.”