The Who 9/27/19

The Who left the stage in Houston, Texas after only a few songs. Less than an hour into the show, vocalist Roger Daltrey became unable to sing when his allergies kicked in.

He started having vocal problems as he was singing, “Who Are You,” the seventh song in the set. After missing a few lines Pete Townshend covered for him. At the end of the song, Daltrey made comment of being in Houston during ragweed season. And then by the end of the next song he told the band that he just couldn’t continue.

In a fan posted video online, you can see Townshend apologizing to the audience asking them to hold on to their tickets as he promised to reschedule. He told the crowd they wanted to press on, but “This is Roger’s show, this is Roger’s vocal show” and there was no moving on without him.

The show ended with the crowd cheering in support of The Who. Overall the show lasted less than 45 minutes.


  • Roger Daltrey’s voice went out on him on the 7th song during “Who Are You.”
  • The band vows to reschedule the concert.
  • The crowd cheered them in support when Roger Daltrey had to leave the stage.


  • The Who also postponed concerts scheduled for this weekend in Dallas and Denver.
  • Roger Daltrey is 75, Pete Townshend is 74.
  • The two are the last original members with the band.
  • The Who formed 55 years ago.