Miranda Lambert Will Always Have a “Chip On Her Shoulder”

In an interview with “The Cincinnati Enquirer” when they asked if her fans “should be worried that marital bliss will mellow her music.”

She said,  “Definitely not.  I always tell people, ‘I’m really happy, but I’m not too happy.’  I still have that chip on my shoulder that is classic ‘me’ . . .  so, I’m not worried about that.”

And if that comes through in Miranda’s songwriting, that’s because her mantra is to look inside and show us what’s there.  Quote, “Whether it’s good, bad or ugly, I kind of just tell my truth.  And right now, it’s pretty good.”

While we’re on the subject:  Miranda performed a new song called “Track Record” at a show over the weekend, and somebody posted a clip online.  It’s one of the tracks on her album “Wildcard”, which drops November 1st.