Quick Takes 8/29/19

  • In a recent interview, guitarists Gary Rossington revealed how Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s signature song “Free Bird” was difficult for the band to complete. Rossington said that Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant weren’t on the same page when it came to the song’s composition. After weeks of working on the song and finally getting on the same page, Rossington said that the band didn’t expect what came next. He explained, With just jamming and playing, it got longer and longer and longer as we played it,” he said. “At first it didn’t have the end, the long guitar end; it was just the slow love song. Then we came up with the end, and as we practiced every day, it came along.” (Ultimate Classic Rock)


  • Chrissie Hynde has released a jazzy cover of The Kinks‘ “No Return” for her upcoming solo album Valve Bone Woe. She told Billboard about the song, “I wasn’t really familiar with it.” She also revealed that the song was chosen by album producer Marius de Vries. She said, “It sounds like Ray Davies’ attempt — more than an attempt, it was a successful venture to do something along those lines.” She added, “I’ve been wanting to do stuff that’s more Brazilian and some of that bled into this album.” Valve Bone Woe is due out on September 6th. (Billboard)


  • Pedro Bell, the illustrator that created iconic cover art for several Funkadelic and George Clinton albums has died at age 69. Clinton and Bootsy Collins confirmed the news on social media, with Clinton writing via Facebook, “RIP to Funkadelic album cover illustrator Pedro Bell. Rest easy, Sir Lleb!” In a statement to Rolling Stone, Collins said, “Thanks to our Captain Draw the Clone Stranger of Artistic Gratification to the Nation, Mr. Pedro Bell. The Funk got Stronger. Your service to this world can never be calculated.” The cause of death has not been announced as of yet. (Rolling Stone)