Local News Headlines 8/13/19

Here are your TUESDAY morning 8/13 local headlines:

President Trump breaks from his Jersey vacation to travel to Western Pennsylvania.

Three of the five kids killed in an Erie fire were the children of a volunteer firefighter responding to another call.

A State lawmaker is raising concerns about reports that only one smoke detector, which wasn’t working, was found in that Erie daycare center that caught fire.

A Duncansville man was killed following a car pedestrian accident in Tennessee last week.

A child with injuries was found wandering the streets of Altoona over the weekend.

A Virginia man was taken into custody after he was found passed out in a car by local police on Saturday.

Proposed legislation would reduce the amount of money Pennsylvania State Police receives from funds earmarked for roads and bridges.

The state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has announced investments in all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile recreation.