The Average Person Now Gains 36 Pounds in a Long-Term Relationship

It turns out we don’t just get into relationships for emotional fulfillment . . . we’re TOTALLY in it for stomach fulfillment too.

According to a new study, the average person now gains a delicious 36 POUNDS in a long-term relationship.  That number is both high and outstanding.

And we don’t exactly wait to start packing it on . . . we gain 17 of those 36 pounds in the first year.

Men gain more in the first year than women . . . men pack on an average of 22 pounds, women gain 13.

What are the reasons we gain weight?  42% say it’s going out to dinner . . . 34% say it’s cooking together and drinking . . . and 64% say it’s because they felt like they could relax on their diet now that they weren’t trying to find dates all the time.

Study Finds)