Justin Moore’s Kids Caught Him in a “Cat Allergy” Lie

Do you have a cat allergy, or is that just the excuse you tell your kids so they won’t hound you to get a kitten?  Hey, it’s great if they buy into it . . . but not so great when they find out you’re a liar.

That’s what happened to JUSTIN MOORE.  His wife Kate and two of their daughters ratted him out in an interview with “People”.

He was talking about their two kittens that will eventually be outside cats . . . but right now they’re living in the garage because he’s afraid coyotes might carry them off.

His daughter Ella called B.S. on that, saying, quote, “You’re not afraid, we are.  Because you hate cats.”  And then his seven-year-old daughter Kennedy added, quote, “He says he’s allergic to cats but he’s just lying to us.”

That’s when Justin had to come clean.   “[The excuse] worked for years . . . until they debunked that theory.”

As far as WHY the cats have to live outside . . . last we heard, the family had a couple of 200-pound Great Danes that are inside dogs.  Can’t imagine the chaos that would go down if they brought the kittens into that mix.