Quick Takes 8/6/19

  • Gainesville, Florida will once again honor favorite son Tom Petty on October 20th — the date of which would’ve been his 69th birthday. The Florida Historical Marker Council will erect a metal plaque will be placed in Tom Petty Park, which was renamed last October 20th in tribute to the fallen rocker. (Best Classic Bands)
  • Olivia Newton-John revealed that she’s now living with Stage 4 cancer. According to reports, the 70-year-old Newton-John, who in 2017 battled back against breast cancer that spread to her lower back, now has a tumor in her lower back, with the cancer having spread to her bones. The Grease star told Entertainment Tonight that she does not want to know what her life expectancy is at this point, explaining, “If somebody tells you, you have six months to live, very possibly you will because you believe that. So for me, psychologically, it’s better not to have any idea of what they expect or what the last person that has what you have lived, so I don’t, I don’t tune in.” (Entertainment Tonight)
  • Roger McGuinn has made it clear once again — he’s not up for a Byrds reunion with David Crosby. After Crosby lumped him in with the members of CSNY who want nothing to do with him, McGuinn corrected Crosby in a tweet reminding him that he doesn’t hate him, nor is refusing to speak to him. Crosby thanked him and immediately tossed out the idea for a Byrds reunion.
  • According to Rolling Stone, “McGuinn didn’t respond to the tweet, but a representative did when reached for a comment: ‘Neither Roger or Chris (Hillman) entertain the idea of a Byrds reunion. Roger was just tired of David crying about being hated. DC is not hated but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to work with him.'” (Rolling Stone)
  • The Beach Boys‘ Mike Love and Bruce Johnston joined Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band onstage on Saturday night (August 3rd) in Highland Park, Illinois. The Mike Love-led Beach Boys opened for Ringo and the pair of Beach Boys came out for the final encore of “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Mike Love and Ringo have known each other for over 50 years and studied together under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India in 1968.