You’re Probably Washing Your Face Wrong

A new survey found over half of Americans don’t regularly wash their face.  And a lot of people who do aren’t doing it right.  Here are the five most common things we do wrong . . .

1.  Not doing it enough.  Most dermatologists say you should wash your face twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

2.  Only using water.  53% of people said they usually just use water, which doesn’t really do much.  Face cleansers are best.  But 48% of us have never used one . . . 41% have used regular hand soap instead . . . and 47% have used shampoo or conditioner.

3.  Using really hot water.  41% of people use hot water when they wash their face.  But lukewarm is better for your skin.

4.  Drying your face off by rubbing it with a towel.  Towels are fine, but you should pat it dry.Too much rubbing dries your skin out.

5.  Not washing your face after you’ve been sweating.  You should wash it immediately after a workout.  Otherwise, the sweat and oil seeps into your skin, clogs your pores, and causes breakouts.

(NY Post)