Jason Aldean’s New House Has a “Concrete Safe Room”

The new house that JASON and BRITTANY ALDEAN are building is still under construction, but Brittany posted an update on her Instagram story.  It shows a few pics, but the one that stands out is the “concrete safe room.”

Even though it’s totally bare right now, it still looks impenetrable, which is what they’re going for, right?  You can check out a photo of the room on PopCulture.com.

I’m also going to file this under the “I totally understand” department because of what they both went through at the Route 91 massacre.  Jason was performing when the madman started shooting . . . and Brittany was pregnant, and backstage.  And then they got separated during the chaos for what must have seemed like an eternity.  I’d want a safe room too.

In other Jason Aldean news:  The new “E3 Chophouse Nashville” that he co-owns with Luke Bryan and former Major League baseball player Adam LaRoche will be opening this fall . . . and The Tennessean has “Five Things to Know” about it.