Robert Plant 7/2/19

In a recent interview, Robert Plant described Led Zeppelin as a “trio” with a “wedding singer” while talking about his admiration for his colleagues’ work on the song “Achilles’ Last Stand.” The song appeared on the band’s 1976 album Presence. During an episode of the Digging Deep podcast, Plant said he wrote the lyrics to the song after getting into a serious car accident.

He explained, “If you think about Led Zeppelin being a trio, really, with a kind of wedding singer stuck up the front, my enthusiasm was a good contribution but, in truth, those guys were amazing. Even though Presence isn’t the most comfortable listen … the interplay and the melding of the musicality of those three guys on that track is insane.”

He continued, “‘Achilles’ Last Stand’ was an uncomfortable time … but in that, it was a disparate time. I started writing about freedom and escape; the [desire] throughout the song is to be gone to a place which is a reward … and it was basically about the Atlas Mountains and going back to Morocco.”

On the aftermath of the car crash, Plant recalled that “it was a hell of a time, because it was such an important time in life where you need to have everything operating. My wife and I, we had two kids. As a family we were completely torn asunder for a period of months. It was very difficult thing to get anywhere near back together again.”


  • In a recent interview, Robert Plant described Led Zeppelin as a “trio” with a “wedding singer,” saying the other musicians “were amazing.”
  • Plant recalled that recording Presence was “a hell of a time” because he and his family had just been through a car crash.