Check Out a Ranking of Types of French Fries, From Curly to Sweet Potato

It’s pretty hard to mess up French fries . . . like, even the worst fries are better than the best rutabaga.  But some fries are better than others.

A food writer at the website Uproxx just ranked eight types of fries from best to worst.  The rankings are totally her subjective opinion, so that shouldn’t lead to any arguments.

Here are the results, from best to worst . . .

1.  Curly.

2.  Waffle.

3.  Shoestring.

4.  Double-fried.

5.  Steak.  (Also known as diner fries.)

6.  Crinkle cut. (My Dad and I’s personal favorite!)

7.  Wedges.

8.  Sweet potato. (Funny X-Man fact. I don’t like Sweet Potato’s except for Chips and Fries. Do just eat one like a baked potato…don’t like it!)