Riley Green Went Hunting With a Guy Who Messaged Him on Social Media

Want to hang out with your favorite country star?  Reach out to them on social media.  It worked for some guy in Wisconsin who asked RILEY GREEN to go hunting.

Riley talked about it on Taste of Country Nights. “I went to Wisconsin this past year and hunted with a guy who just reached out and messaged me on Instagram.

“We went deer hunting up in Buffalo County, which is one of the best counties in the country.  I always wanted to go up there and he just kind of stayed on me.”

He was asked if he felt a little nervous going out in the middle of nowhere with a stranger.  He said, “I carried a bow and arrow with me, so as long as they gave me some warning they were coming, I would be alright.”

Turns out the guy’s kid went along too, and he played guitar and was a big fan.  Riley said they ended up having a great