Maren Morris on Taking a Tip From Taylor Swift, and Being Silly When You Write Sexy Songs

MAREN MORRIS took a page from TAYLOR SWIFT’s playbook to launch her new album “Girl”.

She held ‘”listening parties” for fans in three different cities . . . London, Dallas, and Nashville.

She says it’s cool for four reasons: She was inspired by artists who care enough about their fans to throw a party for them . . . superfans tend to “nerd out” over the lyrics . . . and the reaction to different songs is different in each city.

But most of all, she couldn’t even DO listening parties before, because she didn’t HAVE any fans . . . no one knew who she was.

She also talked about how she did some new songs by tapping into her love of ’90s R&B jams . . . the kind of songs that aren’t dirty, but sexy in a fun, clever way.

“If you do it in the right way, and it’s almost silly, it’s believable.”