Dustin Lynch’s Thieving Cousins Inspired One of His Songs

There’s a lyric in DUSTIN LYNCH’s song Ridin’ Roads that was inspired by a crime that his cousins committed.  What kind of crime?  Imagine something stupid that teenage boys would do.

Here’s the lyric:  “I don’t know where we are / ‘Cause somebody stole the street signs / I’mma take my sweet time.”

He tells Billboard, quote, “My cousins [got] caught with 30-something street signs in their attic when they were in high school.  When you’re riding roads, sometimes you want to impress your friends and the girls and steal street signs.

“That line came from that memory of them getting caught and going to jail.  I think because that was a hard-earned memory, that is probably my favorite line.”

“Ridin’ Roads” is the title track of his new EP that drops today.  He says it’s just a “kick-off of the next chapter” of his music.  He’s planning to release his fourth album later this year.