Lindsay Ell Had Some Pre-Cancerous Cells Removed

LINDSAY ELL had surgery yesterday in Nashville to have some pre-cancerous cells removed.  She posted the news on Instagram early in the morning.

Here’s what she wrote:  “I don’t have cancer, but the doctor found pre-cancerous cells growing in my body that need to be removed.  Sometimes we think we’re fine. Sometimes we think we eat healthy and workout, and that means we should be fine.

“But never underestimate the power of a check up at the doctor.  You never know, and if you catch something early enough, it could save your life.  Going in for surgery today, gonna get this stuff out of my body.”

At least she’s not going it alone.  She posted photos of her mom, who’s in town from Canada.  It’s not clear how long Lindsay will need to recover.  Her European tour is supposed to start tomorrow, and the last we checked, the dates were still up on her site.