Lindsay Ell Says It’s a “Really Cool Time” to be Turning 30

I’m thinking most people get a little freaked out when they turn 30, right?  Well, LINDSAY ELL is not most people.  She’ll be hitting that milestone on March 20th and she’s ready to take it on.  She talked about it in an interview.

“As I’m turning 30 and entering into this new chapter of my life, I feel more myself than I ever have.  I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.  I know who I am.

“And going into the studio to record my second album, I think it’s a really cool time for me to be turning 30 because I have a lot to say, and I’m not as scared to say it as I was even two years ago.”

She was also asked what she does for fun and she said, quote, “Does working out count?”  In her case it counts for being in damn good shape.  You don’t have to dig too far into her Instagram to see her in the gym.