Luke Bryan’s Response to Those Who Say He Isn’t Country Enough: “They’re Being Ignorant”

The title of LUKE BRYAN’s “What Makes You Country” tells you what the song’s about, right?  But it’s also what Luke’s about.  In fact, he says it’s a “statement song” to those who say he’s not country enough.

“You know, if they hear that chorus of the song . . . ‘I got my dirt road cred when I was 12, on a no-cab tractor hauling hay bales’ . . . which I did, and still do . . . and they still wanna call me not country, well, they’re just being ignorant.”

Luke’s not going to let his kids go in a different direction either.  He goes out of his way to make sure they have the same country values.

“When I’m doing hunting shows and posting pictures of us . . . when I’ve got a seven-year-old that can throw a bait-caster half way across a lake, hook a seven-pound bass . . . that’s me being out there in the country and teaching [them] how to do that.”