Florida Georgia Line’s New Album Will Include “Comedy Skits” for Your Amusement

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’s new album “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” has 20 tracks, but four of them are NOT songs.  They’re “comedy skits” featuring their friend Nugget, who goes by the stage name Brother Jervel.

TYLER HUBBARD explains.  Quote, “We did four comedic skits or voicemails that kind of segue into the next song.  It’s something a lot of other artists are doing in the urban and hip-hop world, but nobody’s really done it in country.”

It all started when Nugget, or Brother Jervel . . . would leave voicemails that they thought were absolutely hysterical.

“[So] we figured, hey, let’s have him do some little skits on our album and break it up a little bit.  Do something different and hopefully give a little comedic relief, if you will.  He’s a brilliant writer and an amazing comedian.”

We checked Brother Jervel’s website and socials for samples of his brilliance, but we got nothing.  He may be holding back until Friday when the album drops.